Interested in PE-Design 7.0 Embroidery Software? Try It Free!

PE-Design Trial Version 7.0

Brother has added a trial download for their PE-Design embroidery software suite.  One of the biggest barriers to entry with this program was that you either knew someone who had it already (and trusted you enough to let you play with it!) or you had to go seek out a dealer to demonstrate it to you.  This is no longer the case.

The trial version is save-disabled in most of the areas (it is a demo afterall) but still allows you to delve into the many different areas of the workability of the software.  If you are really interested, follow the link and scroll to the bottom, you can download the PE-Design manual for a not-so quick read.  We put ours in the “lounge.”  :)


UPDATE:  We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding our price on the full version of Brother PE-Design version 7.0 Embroidery Software but as an authorized dealer, we cannot post a price on it.  However, give us a call (1-866-739-2568) or shoot us an email, we’d be happy to give you the current discounted sale price.

41 Responses to Interested in PE-Design 7.0 Embroidery Software? Try It Free!

  1. Thabita joubert says:

    I have PE design version 3

    I am interrested in upgrading to the latest version.

    Can this be done and what would it cost me?

    Can you please help.


  2. Mike says:

    PE-Design users under 5.0 cannot upgrade. Unfortunately, the only way for you to “upgrade” is to purchase the full 7.0. Of course, you could sell your version 3.0 to help recoup some of the cost :)

  3. Marco says:

    gracias por el programa

  4. Marco says:

    Bueno el programa pe design lo necesito porque estoy empesando en esto del bordado como una pequeña empresa de casa. por eso necesiro esta ayuda por las herramientas por computacion son muy impoortante para empesae con esta empresa,

  5. Mike says:


  6. sam says:

    Where can i get a cable box to connect to the PC, to make changes to the memory card from the trial version.

  7. Mike says:

    Ummm…I’m pretty sure that that’s NOT gonna happen. As this is a demo/trial download. If you want to get the USB transfer box, you need to buy the program.

  8. Marco says:


  9. mario guimaraes says:

    hello. i`ve a pedesign ver 7.0 and i`ve the box and pedbasic.. the ped basi works perfectly but when i try to open the oedesign ver 7.0 layout and editing it ask me for the product id tha is on the cd rom, but ive allready try to find it and idont have any thin like that in my 2 cds. it started to asked me for it when i`ve made an upgrade from brother sito to version pedesgn ver7.01 and now doesn`t work, what shoul i do.. in my cd i dont have any idea what it`s asking it for me, because a week ago it works very very good but now doesn`t read the usb box… allways ask me for the id…
    do you have any idea… thanks
    i`m from portugal its very dificult to ask from here to supliers…
    if you can help me… thanks a lot

  10. Mike says:

    When you purchased your PE-Design, did it come with a box as well?

  11. jane says:

    whould like a price of the pe design 7.0.I an just a stay at home mom. Thanks

  12. Mike says:

    I would love to quote you a price! I cannot do so here, though. Please use this form to email us and I will be happy to help:

  13. Claudio says:

    Quiero probar el soft porque estoy comenzanco con e bordado.

  14. Elias Mellek says:

    I need the program so much.Please

  15. antonio becerra says:


  16. antonio becerra says:

    Thanks for give the software

  17. norma marcano says:

    I would like to try PE.Design ver 7.0 to see if a buy it. In this moment I have PE.Design ver5.0

  18. CAROLYN BUCK says:

    I would like your price of PE Design 7.0

  19. samuel says:

    it a good site

  20. samuel says:

    i find you by Google,i found that this site is very interessting

  21. samuel says:

    i find you by Google,i can not deny that your program is an useful program for me, i have not a program like that before

  22. samuel says:

    i found PE-Design by Google and i want to have it soon

  23. dan says:

    what is the cost for pe-design 7?

  24. Mike says:

    We don’t post the PE-Design price. Give us a call at 1-866-739-2568.

  25. Dianne Koncur says:

    I am interested in purchasing Brother PE-Design version 7.0 embroidery software. Would you please send me the cost. Thank you.

  26. Donna Brinkoetter says:

    I have recently purchased a Brother PE-700 with PE Design lite. I am interested in purchasing PE Design Version 7. I already have a card reader. Can I upgrade or do I have to buy it all? And how much is it?


  27. Kim Nguyen says:

    I have PE-Design Version 5.0, and I would like to upgrade to the latest version.
    Could you let me know what I need to do.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

  28. WG says:

    I would like the price in PE design ver. 8. I have a ULT-2001 will it work?

  29. salmn says:

    very good software

  30. LIZ says:


  31. Andy says:

    7.0′s have been discontinued.

  32. janardhan says:

    i woould like to know the price

  33. Mike says:

    The PE-Design 7.0 has been discontinued and is no longer available.

  34. Marie says:

    I just purchased a used Brother Pacesetter ULT 2001. Included was PE Design 4.0 however, the software was NOT in the box. Does anyone know if I can purchase only the software or if I need to upgrade? I think that would involve purchasing a newer version. What version can I purchase with this model of machine? Do I need to purchase the full version – meaning that the box and security I now have would be obsolete?

    Thank you so much!


  35. Roslyn Skinner says:

    I have a PE design version 5 and would like to upgrade to a version 7. How can I do this and how much would it cost. I see that the version 7 has been discontinued. Does this mean upgrades as well?


    I want to buy the PE DESIGN 7.O. How much? I am live in Brasil. Can you send to me in other country? And I would like to know if i can free download trial the program?
    My english isn’t excellent so, forgive me.
    Thank you,


  37. Paula says:

    Hi! I purchased a PE700II this winter and would like to know the
    cost of the PE Design 7.0. Will it allow me to take a basic design like a flower and then fill in the background with stippling? Thank you.

  38. Martha says:

    Currently I own an Esante 2 with PE-Design (Pallette) 2.0 upgraded to 2.5. If I purchase the latest software with dongle will I be able to use it with my Esabte2 machine.. I can buy the software but a new machine is out of the question.

  39. Elena says:

    Hi to everybody. I have from a little purchased the brother pr620 with the software pe-design7. Can someone help to understand me as he does has eliminate the lines of seam that are created by a point to the other above the embroidery rather than under on embroideries purchased on internet or those that you can free unload?


  40. Mike says:

    to Martha – You would need to purchase a new version of the PE-Design software since your current version is so old.

  41. aura Herrera says:

    A donde estan ustedes localizados? Me interesa saber si todavia tienen el PE Design v.6, o la version 7. Cual es su precio, y esta la caja con la tarjeta incluida.

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