Interested in PE-Design 7.0 Embroidery Software? Try It Free!

PE-Design Trial Version 7.0

Brother has added a trial download for their PE-Design embroidery software suite.  One of the biggest barriers to entry with this program was that you either knew someone who had it already (and trusted you enough to let you play with it!) or you had to go seek out a dealer to demonstrate it to you.  This is no longer the case.

The trial version is save-disabled in most of the areas (it is a demo afterall) but still allows you to delve into the many different areas of the workability of the software.  If you are really interested, follow the link and scroll to the bottom, you can download the PE-Design manual for a not-so quick read.  We put ours in the “lounge.”  🙂


UPDATE:  We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries regarding our price on the full version of Brother PE-Design version 7.0 Embroidery Software but as an authorized dealer, we cannot post a price on it.  However, give us a call (1-866-739-2568) or shoot us an email, we’d be happy to give you the current discounted sale price.