What Makes Isacord Thread Great Embroidery Thread?

Over the years we have gotten this question many, many times.  The truth is, there is not just one reason, there are multiple ways that Isacord is the best of the best when it comes to embroidery thread.  The high strength of the polyester ensures near 100% break-free embroidery.  Super colorfastness promises a lifetime of bright, bold and beautiful colors.  Not to mention that now we have over 378 colors in stock, there is a color for every day of the year (and then some).

Understand that, yes, we do sell Isacord (and a lot of it!), some may say that this is just a biased post.  And I can totally see where they are coming from.  However, when you are in the retail industry, the last thing that you want is to sell a product that is going to cause you and your customers nothing but one big headache.  Sure, we know that there are $1 (and cheaper) a spool embroidery thread distributors out there (and the factories in China that produce it contact me on a regular basis), but we have sewn with many samples from them and if broken thread, lost production and low tensile strength is what you’re after, have at it.  But you won’t get it from us.  It’s not worth our time to try to sell stuff that we know that you won’t be happy with.

We have sold Isacord Embroidery Thread for well over 10 years now and I can easily count the amount of problems that we have had on one hand.  That’s saying a lot when you consider the hundreds of thousands of spools that we have shipped out in that amount of time.  We carry other thread, sure, because not everyone wants to pay the higher price for Isacord.  Rest assured, all of the thread that we sell is tested for smooth delivery and break-free sewing, but there has to be a best.  And Isacord is it.

Bonus Fun Isacord Information:

Colored embroidery should always be washed separately.

A large washing tub should be used so that the embroidered article can circulate freely and is not pressed together.

Dry embroidered garments quickly, but never wring out. Prolonged contact, pressure, or friction with other garments under wet conditions is to be avoided.

Isacord embroidered garments can be washed with bleaching agents and stain removers. Do not spot treat, always wash the entire garment.

Safe for industrial laundering and dry cleaning.

Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool place. (68 F, 60% atm. humidity)

Dampen slightly before ironing then iron from the back side. Always use the lowest heat setting over embroidery.

Avoid continuous contact to irons, heat press systems, etc.

Use caution when using heat-press systems! Varying factors such as temperature, pressure, vapor and duration of contact may cause unpredictable results. A test of materials is highly recommended.

Additional Tips:
Isacord is a high sheen polyester embroidery thread which offers maximum washability and durability and is, with correct handling, safe for Hypochlorite bleaching processes. Note: this does not include a local spotting treatment! The high resistance to abrasion under normal and even wet conditions is a clear advantage for its use on frequently or harshly washed garments (i.e athletic sportswear and shoes, leather, work uniforms and stone washed garments).