Who Doesn’t Like a Deal?

I love deals and I love them even more when they are free.  What’s the saying?  “If it’s free, it’s for me”.  It’s a great motto to live by in these tight times.  If you are looking for bargain designs and free designs, without compromising quality, you need to check out EmbroideryDesignsPLUS.com.  I was introduced to the site via an email update from Embroidery Billboard and now I check it daily for cool new designs.

Let’s do a David Letterman top 5  reasons I love this site.

Top 5 reasons I love EmbroideryDesignsPLUS.com

5.    Are you a digitizer looking to make some extra money?  If so, contact them about selling your designs.  This is  a great way to earn a little $$ for your designs.

4.  Great design packs and great prices.  New packs being added daily from great designers.  Add your name to the email list and you will be notified of new designs and specials.

3.   The designs are available for immediate download.  This is important to me because I definitely don’t like to have to wait for a CD to arrive in the mail when I am looking for a specific designs for a project.

2.   Don’t want to buy design packs and you only need a single image, they have that also!  Some designs even give you PDF project details like this in the hoop bib.

1.  FREE designs!!!!  Follow this link and make sure that you sort your page by price to find all of the free deals http://embroiderydesignsplus.com/All/Designs.

Check them out today!