Accenting Golf Towels with Golf Themed Embroidery Designs

It can sometimes be really hard to figure out a gift for the guys in your life.   Do you have a relative or friend that likes to golf?  My husband’s family owned a golf course up in Minnesota and so almost everyone enjoys the game of golf.   A great gift to give to the golfing enthusiast, whether it be a man or a woman, is a  personalized golf towel with a golf themed design embroidered upon it.    You don’t even need to go hunting around for these designs because I found them for you!

Check out these “Manly Golf Motifs”  by John Deer’s Adorable Ideas.  You also can stitch these detailed designs on shirts and items to decorate your house.   Stitching them on a throw pillow will be sure to suit you to a tee.

Who doesn’t love Loralie Designs?   Her designs are a perfect “hole in one”! She has an entire series of golfing designs you will love.   Check out the “You Golf Girl” Collections because they are perfect for any golfing lady.  Find them here:    Collection 1 —  Collection 2 — Collection 3 and Collection 4!

And guess what I found?  That’s right!  I found you a FREE Golfing Design for you to download and stitch.   Click Here to get it.   Have a great day of stitching (or golfing)!