Stand Up & Thread It!

What is the big deal about thread stands?  Well, one thing is that they keep you organized during the embroidery process but they also keep those spools of thread from getting tangled.  The SA503 10 Spool Thread Stand conveniently sits behind your sewing or your  embroidery machine holding up to ten spools of thread which makes changing thread fast and easy. Each spool of thread has it’s own thread guide to deliver thread smoothly to the machine as well as a thread locking system which keeps those loose ends tamed when not in use.

What else can you use to keep your thread neat and tidy?   How about a clear thread box which allows you to see that stash of thread you own.  There are thread boxes that can hold up to 30 colors of your Isacord, Poly-X40 or any other mini-king spools of thread. Each spool is held in place on a spindle and the colors can be seen through the clear box. The boxes are made of high impact plastic and are stackable.  Having your spools of thread in a clear box keeps dust from them but still allows you to see the colors of thread you own.

So consider getting a  thread stand or at least  a way to store and organize your thread so that your sewing or embroidering time is fun and free of stress .