AccuQuilt GO! Big is Big News For Quilters!

One of the most time consuming processes for quilting has always been cutting & prepping your fabric.  It’s a simple concept, really.  Cut your shapes out and make a quilt, right?  But simple doesn’t mean pain-free.  It is a necessary evil, but ask anyone who may have arthritic hands, carpal tunnel or just sore hands and they will tell you – it hurts!  With AccuQuilt’s first GO! fabric cutter, quilters flocked to the notion of quicker, more precise fabric cuts in a fraction of the time.  And since it’s release it has proven to be a winning equation.  Then came the revised GO! fabric cutter and AccuQuilt’s improved, smoother roller process made it even easier to crank those cuts out.  We heard many a quilter praise the improvement, even so far as to bring some painful hands back to the quilt table (and along with that, tears of joy.)  Quilter’s tend to be a passionate bunch, but most of you already know that.

On September 1st, we started to taking pre-orders for the new AccuQuilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter.  Since then we have seen (and heard) many a response, most of them overwhelmingly positive.  The primary concern has been price, but that is to be expected.  This is the top-of-the-line.  Their flagship consumer product.  The “Cream of the Crop,” so to speak.  A considerable amount or research and development has gone into this product to ensure that not only has the cutting process been made even quicker, it has become safer and BIGGER!  Which brings us to one of the best parts about this cutter.  Where the original GO! Cutter quickly & easily cut through up to 6 layers of fabric, the GO! Big has the ability to run up to 2 dies through at the same time.  It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out, if you are cutting two dies at a time, your cutting twice as much at the same time.  And time is the one thing that all of us can benefit from, wouldn’t you agree?  How rich we could be if we could effectively package and sell time…

So what about the dies?
Every single AccuQuilt die & mat is compatible with the new machine.   (I think that we heard some of the sighs of relief from here!)  So you AQ collectors can rest easy – there is no need to re-buy any of those favorites, they will work with the GO! Big right out of the box.  New dies, you ask?  Well, yes, there are newer dies being released to take advantage of the GO! Big’s larger work area, which is coincidentally a large 14″ x 14″ square.  Other than the speed of cutting, the large area allows quilters to cut even bigger, more intricate shapes and “Block On Dies.”  This speeds up the process even further.

But how safe is it?
Always a concern when it comes to cutting and electronics, safety is in the forefront of questions- and rightfully so!  In demonstrations, hands inserted into the roller area immediately stop the rollers.  This “Hands Free Zone” keeps the motor from operating if you accidentally get too close.  What great news for those of us with curious small children or grandchildren!  Having safety features built-in was important in developing AccuQuilt’s first Electric Fabric Cutter.

So when can I get my hands on one?
As much as we would love to send you one right now, initial supply is expected to be spoken for (which is why we are pre-selling right now.)  We expect the initial shipments to go out sometime in November (think Christmas, hubbies!)  But as we mentioned, the initial shipments will most likely be taken.  Want to get in on that first shipment?  We can help with that (of course!)
Here is the link to pre-order.

So let’s hear it – what questions or concerns do you have about AccuQuilt’s latest GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter?