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We Loved These Sew Steady Tables Sew Much – We Thought We Would Give One Away!

We have the best customers on the planet.  That’s a fact.  We love giving things away to our wonderful customers.  That’s another fact.  So when you take these two facts and put them together, you will arrive at yet another

Low On Stitches? Head Over To Our Facebook Page For A Chance To Win A Brand New Brother XL-2600i Sewing Machine.

We love to give stuff away. And from what we can tell, our customers love winning stuff.  For our latest give away, head on over to our Facebook page for a chance to win your very own Brother XL-2600i sewing machine. 

So You Think You Love Fabric? How Much Do You Love FREE Fabric?

Winning & Fabric. A Wonderful Thing.

Who Doesn’t Like a Deal?

I love deals and I love them even more when they are free.  What’s the saying?  “If it’s free, it’s for me”.  It’s a great motto to live by in these tight times.  If you are looking for bargain designs

Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake Disaster Relief Effort, Helping Is Easy

On March 11, an earthquake hit northern Japan triggering tsunami's whose devastation is likely to be felt for some time. The people of Japan are working [more...]

Personalize Your Headbands At!

Spring is on the way and stocking caps are going to be replaced by headbands. Separate yourself from the crowd and be the first to personalize your own! [more...]

Going Somewhere? Don’t Forget Your Personalized BackPack!

If you have trouble misplacing things, as we all do, then you will know the ultimate value of putting your name on items which you don’t care to lose or misplace [more...]

If You Love Rhinestones, And Saving Time, Then Check Out This Product!

Rhinestones can dress up any garment or pair of jeans to accomodate new fashions and styles. The Mark Richards company has organized some popular designs to make the rhinestone process much faster [more...]

Wunderstitch Gold Matte Angel Scissors With Black Velvet-Lined Case! Get These Pretty Babies While They Last! is introducing a limited edition Gold Matte Angel Scissors set which includes a black velvet-lined case!  These beautiful collectors items wont be around forever and there are only 215 in our starting inventory.  So if you love angels and

Shopping?! Don’t Forget Your Market Tote!

 If you’re having a hard time with the ethical question of paper or plastic, then has the product for you.  Reusable totes give you the advantage to help save the environment by ridding the shopping market of paper and