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Free Fishing Embroidery Design & Project Courtesy of Brother

Looking for something to make for that Fisherman in your life?  Brother has posted their May free embroidery design with an accompanying free gadget bag embroidery project.  So if your short on inspiration – make sure to download this free

Interested in PE-Design 8.0 Embroidery Software? Try It Free!

Brother has added a trial download for their PE-Design embroidery software suite.  We have gotten tons of inquiries about this so if you are looking to learn more about Brother’s famous embroidery software suite – download to your hearts content

Brother Quattro 6000D – Check Out The 100 New or Improved Features

We know you are excited and looking for every juicy detail that you can find on the new Brother Quattro 6000D, so we borrowed this list from their new brochure.  So, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to

Brother Releases Teaser Videos Of Upcoming Embroidery Machine – Dream, Lighting & Space

For those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Brother’s upcoming Dream Machine, we’re sure you can’t get enough of all of the rumors and sparse specifications floating around.  Brother has released the third video in their series of teasers

Do You Love The Way Embroidery Looks On Denim? The Denim Design Embroidery Designs By Brother Gives You Some Options!

Denim Embroidery Designs are as popular with the kids as they are with young adults.  Jean embroidering is a fun way for young people to set themselves apart from the pack.  The Brother Company has released an new embroidery design card with some very

Discontinued Brother Embroidery Cards Under $25? Only If You Hurry.

Fruits & Veggies Embroidery Designs on a Brother Embroidery Card $79.99  SALE!  $24.99  Great Outdoors Embroidery Designs on a Brother Embroidery Card $79.99  SALE!  $24.99  Patriotic Embroidery Designs on a Brother Embroidery Card $79.99  SALE!  $24.99  These Simplicity Brother Embroidery

EMBROIDERY VIDEO: AnnTheGran Shows Off Her Brother, Neil Diamond Cringes

[youtube][/youtube] Ann shows off her Brother PE-700 in this somewhat entertaining embroidery video.  I’m sure Neil Diamond would be proud. [via]

Brother PED-Basic Back in Stock at $119!

For all of you that have been waiting for the PED-Basics to arrive, you’re in luck.  This specially priced reader/writer system from Brother is back in stock, but undoubtedly for a limited amount of time.  We have received a limited

Are Brother Embroidery Cards An Endangered Species?

If you have an embroidery machine, then you know that you can normally get your designs to your machine one of a few different ways.  You can transfer them directly from your PC if you have direct connect available (most

VIDEO: More PE-Design Tutorial Fun!

 UPDATE:  Apparently this video has been taken down from YouTube.  Sorry everyone!!! [youtube][/youtube] You asked for more videos on PE-Design from Brother, here you go!  As we find more informative videos on how to digitize and use the PE-Design Embroidery