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Who Doesn’t Like a Deal?

I love deals and I love them even more when they are free.  What’s the saying?  “If it’s free, it’s for me”.  It’s a great motto to live by in these tight times.  If you are looking for bargain designs

We’re Spreading the Free Embroidery Design Love!

If you’re into free and embroidery designs like we think (know) you are, we thought it befitting to pass on this little bit of info that showed up in our inbox this afternoon.  Loralie Embroidery Designs has added yet another

Super Spectacular Embroidery Design Giveaway – Happy Holidays Giveaways

WOW!  Great Notions has graciously made this set available to everyone for a limited time at an AWESOME price!  You can now take this set home for only $29.99 and THAT INCLUDES SEW N SAVER SHIPPING!  Thanks, Great Notions!  CLICK

Holy Free Loralie Embroidery Designs, Batman – Look What We Stumbled On!

OK – who loves ya?  You better not have to think too long on this one!  In our stumblings around these here embroidery inter-webs we seem to have found some FREE Loralie Embroidery Designs.   Hurry on over and get your

Free Fishing Embroidery Design & Project Courtesy of Brother

Looking for something to make for that Fisherman in your life?  Brother has posted their May free embroidery design with an accompanying free gadget bag embroidery project.  So if your short on inspiration – make sure to download this free

FREE EMBROIDERY DESIGNS: Attention Snowman Fans! Download This Great Collection Of Snowmen FREE From Vermillion Stitchery!

OK Snowman fanatics – this was recently brought to our attention.  Vermillion Stitchery has an absolutely gorgeous collection of free embroidery snowman designs on their website.  Included is a snowman for every month of the year.  So for some of

Get The Ghouls and Boos Ready For Halloween With Halloween 2 Glow in the Dark Embroidery Designs By Dakota Collectibles! Free Embroidery Stuff Post

The Halloween 2 Glow in the Dark embroidery designs (F70313) are here to keep your needles stitching.  Includes 20 very scary designs fromt he happy little jack-o-lantern to the adorable witch.  These designs will certainly keep you rolling with the

Miss The Snow? Dakota Collectibles Keeps You Cool With The Sparkle Snowflakes Embroidery Designs! Free Embroidery Stuff Post.

Snowflake Embroidery Designs (970339) are here to get you ready for the winter.  Dakota Collectibles has compiled twenty beautiful snowflake designs to keep you ahead of the season.  Where these snowflakes really shine are on fleece with some specialty thread, such as the Yenment

Custom Digitizing? You’ve Come To The Right Place. Register Now & Download A Free Stamp Alphabet!

Do you do custom digitizing?  We get asked this all the time.  Since we have long gotten requests for custom embroidery digitizing, we are proud to announce a partnership with Universal Digitizing to provide you with fast turn-around service and Now Has Over 300 Free Embroidery Designs Listed!

Just a quick update for those who love to download free embroidery designs.  There are now over 300 free embroidery designs that are listed, pictured & categorized at  Find exactly what you are looking for quickly and easily!  Check