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Accenting Golf Towels with Golf Themed Embroidery Designs

It can sometimes be really hard to figure out a gift for the guys in your life.   Do you have a relative or friend that likes to golf?  My husband’s family owned a golf course up in Minnesota and so

How To Make Money With Embroidery DVD! Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t just sit around and wonder about how you could be doing more with your time, make your embroidery hobby work for you.  John Deer’s Adorable Ideas has created a DVD to help you turn your embroidery hobby into a profitable

Reindeer Christmas Embroidery Designs By John Deer’s Adorable Ideas, Rudolph Would Be Proud!

If you know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, or even if you don’t, then you’ll want to get Reindeer Christmas Embroidery Designs by John Deer’s Adorable Ideas (AIDARC). Product Information: Price: $29.95 Click Here For Additional Product

All About Santa Embroidery Designs By John Deer’s Adorable Ideas, A Tribute To Jolly Old St. Nick!

He may only work one night a year, but he sure works hard!  But we all know that Christmas isn’t ‘All About Santa’, it’s also about food, games, family, and of course mistletoe.  So thank Jesus for Christmas, and thank