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Maxine 3 “Old But Still Cuttin’ It” Embroidery Designs! The Crab Is Back And Grumpy As Ever!

Maxine is on yet another rant for those who do or do not want to listen! The Maxine 3 "Old But Still Cuttin' It" Embroidery Designs (LS01303) feature some [more...]

Hautman North American Wildlife Collection 2, Because Wildlife Makes A Beautiful Scene!

If you LLOOOVVEE wildlife, and I know that many of you do, then the Hautman Brothers have got a Brand New collection to keep your needles busy as bees! [more...]

Maxine Embroidery Designs – The Crab Is Back, And She’s Crabbier Then Ever! Check Out Maxine Collection 2 LS01302 From Dakota Collectibles.

If you fell in love with Maxine from the Shoebox Greeting Cards and loved the first collection of Maxine Embroidery Designs from Dakota Collectibles, this brand new collection of Maxine designs will delight you!  15 new jumbo designs that are

Ready For The Fourth Of July? Amazing Designs is with the American Spirit Embroidery Designs by Nancy Zieman!

  If your like most Americans and love our Independence Day, then you will certainly enjoy these new designs by Nancy Zieman from Amazing Designs.  Thirty beautiful and very festive designs are sure to please everyone from the seasoned veterans to

Good Grief! The Peanuts Gang Embroidery Designs By Dakota Collectibles Are Sure To Compliment Your Collection.

If you love Linus and Lucy, Pigpen and Snoopy, then you’ll absolutely have to have the Peanuts Gang Embroidery Designs by Dakota Collectibles.  This classic comic strip/cartoon is great for anyone who grew up with the Peanuts’ characters or anyone who

Tweety Living Green Embroidery Designs From Dakota Collectibles

If you are into to saving the planet, living green and reduce-reuse-recycle,  you will love this new collection of embroidery designs from Dakota Collectibles.  Tweety, the cute little canary who single-handedly escapes the putty tat every single time (ah, the

Maxine Embroidery Designs, This Lovable Crab Will Have You In Stitches

  The time has come.  Maxine, the world’s most loveable crab that has graced the Shoebox series of Hallmark greeting cards since 1986, has landed in the embroidery world.  Dakota Collectibles has captured her irreverent quips and attitude with amazing

Tara Reed’s Coffee Collection LS0801 Features Some Hot, Bold & Delicious Embroidery Designs

O.K. coffee drinkers (and coffee shop owners, too!) this embroidery design pack has your name all over it.  And honestly, even if you don’t drink coffee, these designs are so fun and upbeat with the coffee shop craze, these would

Looney Tunes Sports Embroidery Designs Brings Some Wacky, Sporting Fun To Your Embroidery Machine

  Gear up sports fans! Regardless of your game, you’ll be a total winner in Looney Tunes Sports apparel! Looney Tunes Sports is a collection of exciting embroidery designs featuring an all-star cast of Looney Tunes characters playing a variety

Introducing Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter Embroidery Designs

A timeless classic brought to embroidery Introducing: The Original Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter The classic tales of Peter Rabbit have been a favorite for years.  Originally published in 1902 it became an instant success and vaulted Beatrix Potter to