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Very Fairy I by Loralie Designs Embroidery Designs! Get Them With A Sprinkle Of Pixie Dust!

The time has come again for those of you who just LOVE Fairy Embroidery designs! Loralie has come out with a brand new two pack [more...]

Sew Fabulous By Loralie Designs Embroidery Designs!

Are you tired of designs which are just okay?  Then you have got to check out Loralie’s Designs which are Fabulous!  In fact, these designs are so classy, they have earned the title, Sew Fabulous!  And yes, these designs are

We’re Spreading the Free Embroidery Design Love!

If you’re into free and embroidery designs like we think (know) you are, we thought it befitting to pass on this little bit of info that showed up in our inbox this afternoon.  Loralie Embroidery Designs has added yet another

Loralie Designs Lovely Ladies + Thankful Days Giveaways!

LIST PRICE:  $59.00  SALE PRICE:  $49.00 with FREE SEW N SAVER SHIPPING Cick here for more information or to buy now. Announcing the newest collection of embroidery designs by famous designer Loralie Harris!  These “Lovely Ladies” are gorgeous and will

Aussie Fun by Loralie Designs Embroidery Desgins! Exotic Designs From Down Under!

Take an outback safari with these brand new embroidery designs from Loralie Designs.  The Aussie Fun by Loralie Designs Embroidery Designs are just about as much fun as you can have without taking the fifteen hour plane ride to the great

The Time Has Come To Hit The Beach!!! With Fashion Beach 1 by Loralie Designs!!!

If you’ve been waiting all winter for the water to get warm enough for the beach, then grab your sunscreen and towels and let’s go!  Fashion Beach 1 by Loralie Designs has the coolest designs to embroider on your beach towels

Holy Free Loralie Embroidery Designs, Batman – Look What We Stumbled On!

OK – who loves ya?  You better not have to think too long on this one!  In our stumblings around these here embroidery inter-webs we seem to have found some FREE Loralie Embroidery Designs.   Hurry on over and get your

Wild Cat Woman Embroidery Designs by Loralie! These Cats Got Class!

Check out these brand spanking new embroidery designs by Loralie!   Not only are these cats digitized Loralie style, they can be sewn and sold to pay for themselves!  Get these designs before your competition out stitches you!   Product Information: Wild

It’s That Time Again – Embroidery and Craft Giveaways! Win 3 Pounds Of Loralie Fabric Scraps!

Alright ladies and gents – you know what time it is, right?  We’ve got some stuff that is just laying around and we figured we’d help it find a good home!  We are starting the giveaways again, and all that

Mermaids By Loralie Designs Embroidery Designs, Flippin Awesome!

Just in time for the wet season, the Mermaids by Loralie Designs are coming to an island near you! Product Information: Mermaids by Loralie Designs Embroidery Designs List Price: $79.00 Price: $59.00 Click Here For Additional Product Information Or