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Mamalou’s Quilting Journey

First I have to say “sorry” for being away for a bit but there was a reorganization of my studio that simply could not wait any longer. ¬†But, now I am back and in full swing again. I have been

VIDEO: Cover Your Own Pizza Boxes & Save The Planet :: Free Sewing Project

[youtube][/youtube] Here’s a great idea from one of our favorites.¬† Serena Smith is at it again and she’ll show you how to dress up those pizza boxes like no other!¬† This fits right in with the whole reduce, reuse, recycle.¬†

Create Your Own Placemats, Tackle That Applique Design :: Free Sewing Project

Ever wanted to spruce up that lonely dining area in the kitchen where the table can be found?¬† You know, beneath the mounds of mail, miscellaneous drop-offs, art projects, teacher hand-outs (oh, wait, that’s my house…)¬† Well, find your tables,

Create Your Very Own Stuffed Pig :: Free Sewing Project

In our surfing of the internet, we stumble on some pretty interesting stuff.  This project outlines how to make your very own stuffed pig using felt and a couple of other supplies.  We thought it was cute and figured you

VIDEO How-To: How To Make A Cutwork Applique Vest :: Free Project Guide

[youtube][/youtube] Check out how to make this amazing cutwork applique vest in this quick tutorial.