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Stand Up & Thread It!

Thread stands make everything better. Well, almost everything!

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Isacord Thread Storage Trays – 2 Pack IS6954IT

As everyone with a hectic schedule. I will try anything to try to keep my sewing area clean and tidy.  I have been collecting thread and as my stash grows, so does my mess.  I wanted a way to try

Omni-Glide Sewing Machine Trolley! Why Carry, When You Can Roll!

The Omni-Glide Sewing Machine Trolley can save you time, money, and hassel by making your commute (while handling your machine) much more pleasurable!

Organize Your Crafts with the 5 Piece Crafty Class Trolley & Tote!

Get your crafts together and go! is offering a great deal on a product that will surely help even the messiest embroiderer to stay organized.  This 5 Piece Crafty Class Trolley & Tote Set includes a Multi Pocket Organizer,

Attention All Embroiderer’s, Report To Eileen’s Embroidery Headquarters!

Eileen Roche’s Embroidery Headquarters is a safe place for most of your embroidery needs.  With a thread stand capable of holding over one hundred spools of thread and convenient storage for hoops, rolls of stabilizer, magnets, rulers and even a magna-hoop. 

KEEP IT NEAT: Keep Your Bobbins Clean, Comfy & Organized.

One of the issues that Sewing Room Owners are sure to wrestle with is organization, or lack there of.  With so many items that you purchase being smaller than a “Vote For (Insert favored political candidate here)” button, if you