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Embroidery Tools

Sometimes mastering any craft is frustrating simply because you are lacking the proper items to make the project easier to complete.  Well machine embroidery is no different.   Get the right tools and your frustration level will go down significantly.   Chceck out this

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We have a new BFF and it’s Designs Magazine (HI Stephanie!).  And we bet if you’re on our winner’s list, you will be 😀 with YOUR new BFF (us).  We decided to go ahead and go with something fun that

Attention All Embroiderer’s, Report To Eileen’s Embroidery Headquarters!

Eileen Roche’s Embroidery Headquarters is a safe place for most of your embroidery needs.  With a thread stand capable of holding over one hundred spools of thread and convenient storage for hoops, rolls of stabilizer, magnets, rulers and even a magna-hoop. 

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Update:  Congratulations to all of our winners!   To everyone else – thanks for commenting, but don’t go far, we have LOADS of stuff to give away! This contest is now over. When looking over our stash of freebies, we were trying to figure

Eileen’s Embroidery Headquarters Stabilizer Stand, The Stabilizer Organizer!

Eileen’s Embroidery Headquarters Stabilizer Stand (ERSS0104) gives you a place to organize your embroidery stabilizer.  This stabilizer organizer keeps five rolls of stabilizer up to 3 inches in diameter.  This handy contraption is sure to help organize even the messiest,

VIDEO: Eileen Roche Demonstrates The Angle Finder & Target Stickers From “In The Hoop Toolkit”

In our tireless quest of scouring the internet to bring you the best in embroidery videos (did that sound official or what?) we stumbled upon Eileen Roche showing how to use the angle finder from the In The Hoop Toolkit. 

In The Hoop Revisited, Eileen Roche’s Guide For Perfect Embroidery. Free Embroidery Stuff Post.

Back in January, we first showed you this video with Designs in Machine Embroidery Editor Eileen Roche highlighting her In The Hoop Embroidery Tool Kit.  We’ve had quite a few people watch it and even fielded a number of questions

VIDEO: Embroider It Yourself – The Little Black Tee Projects

If your big into creating stuff, Eileen Roche from Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine has a little something for you.  In this Little Black Tee video (from the Embroider It Yourself series), Eileen gives you a sneek peak at how

EMBROIDERY VIDEO: Elieen Roche Comes Clean About Her Perfect Towel Kit

If you are into embroidering towels and decorating bathrooms, you’ll want to watch this.  Eileen Roche demonstrates another of her unique embroidery project products, The Perfect Towel Kit.  [via YouTube]

VIDEO: In the Hoop Tool Kit

[youtube][/youtube] Eileen Roche demonstrates her innovative hooping system helping you keep your embroidery straight and professional-looking.  The In The Hoop kit consists of a 40-page spiral bound, full-color book filled with embroidery tips, techniques and recommendations for successful embroidery. It