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Rockin’ Reindeer Round up!

Embroidering a kitchen towel is a fast way to make a gift for a house warming party or for those holiday parties! Pickle Pie Designs has unique embroidery designs that are perfect for accenting kitchen towels.  Have you seen their Rockin’

It’s A Dog-Eat-Dog World – Pets Need Pampering, Too!

Show the world you have the cutest pet around!

With Our Chevron Diaper Covers, You Can Say Goodbye To Boring Rears!

Covering their rear was never so much fun (or colorful!)

Football Mania for Toddlers

Outfit your loved ones with some personalized love!

Accenting Golf Towels with Golf Themed Embroidery Designs

It can sometimes be really hard to figure out a gift for the guys in your life.   Do you have a relative or friend that likes to golf?  My husband’s family owned a golf course up in Minnesota and so

Sweet Treats Embroidery Designs by Amazing Designs ADC-69

                    Sweet treats are huge right now.  If you turn on the Cooking channel or the Food Network, you are guaranteed to come across some type of cupcake challenge or wedding

Winter Will Be Here Very Soon! Grab Your Stocking Cap In Time To Get It Embroidered! has some cool products to keep you warm during the winter season! Stocking Caps which come in [more...]

Easy Embroidery Christmas Stockings! Because Christmas Shouldn’t Be Frustrating!

The time is very near again for the season of advent and Christmas Stockings will surely need to be hung from the Chimney with care! So check out the [more...]

Purses and Handbags! has got them!

Get your shoulder and your pocketbook ready for a brand new selection of purses from! Purse Embroidery Blanks are in at [more...]

Soak Up Your Sweat In Style! With The Zebra Headband Embroidery Blanks!!

This summer has been hot and there has been little relief for the sweat that the heat and humidity create. Keep the sweat out of your eyes with [more...]