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Embroidery Tools

Sometimes mastering any craft is frustrating simply because you are lacking the proper items to make the project easier to complete.  Well machine embroidery is no different.   Get the right tools and your frustration level will go down significantly.   Chceck out this

Snazzy Snail Is Measuring Tape Fun!

Nothing slow about these adorable snail measuring tapes!

Nothing Is Like It Seams To Be!

Sewing the perfect seam is not as hard as you think.

Don’t Buckle Under Pressure!

Creating personalized belts is quick and easy!

Hanging It All Out With A Nifty Quilting Gadget!

Hanging up your quilts shouldn't be difficult!

Stand Up & Thread It!

Thread stands make everything better. Well, almost everything!

WOW! See How Easy It Is To Make Cording With A Fasturn Set

Turning tubes is easy with the Fasturn. See what you can create!

Never Lose Your USB Stick Again!

USB Sticks don't have to be boring! Tell them to keep their hands off YOUR thumb drives.

To See Or Not To See, That Is The Question…

Don't be afraid to see the light!

Sew Steady Clear Portable Tables … Sew Steady = Sew Happy!

Have you ever seen a picture of an item and said to yourself “THAT is exactly what I need” as if the manufacturer took your idea and someone finally put it to life?  That is exactly what I said when