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Snap-Hoop Makes Hooping A Snap!!! Meet The Next Generation Of Embroidery Hoops.

The days of using the old-fashioned embroidery hoops will be over once you get your hands on one of these Snap-Hoops...

Never Mark Embroidery Machine Hoops, Goodbye Burn Marks!

Are you absolutely tired of having annoying little marks on your material when you’re done embroidering?  If you’re like most embroiderers, then you probably are. is offering a new, revolutionary product which eliminates unsightly burn marks on the material, 

In The Hoop Revisited, Eileen Roche’s Guide For Perfect Embroidery. Free Embroidery Stuff Post.

Back in January, we first showed you this video with Designs in Machine Embroidery Editor Eileen Roche highlighting her In The Hoop Embroidery Tool Kit.  We’ve had quite a few people watch it and even fielded a number of questions

Fast Frames Can Make Embroidering With Your PR-600 Fast, Easy & Profitable

In the embroidery business, time is money (even more so than usual).  I know for most of us out there, this is really redundant for me to even mention it, but it’s true.  Any time that can be shaved off

The Quick-Snap Hooping Solution Makes Embroidery Quick & Snappy!

[youtube][/youtube] Introducing the Revolutionary New Quick-Snap! Imagine embroidering items that were previously impossible—baby socks, gloves, oven mitts, finished purses, shirt sleeves, jeans and more—all without ever taking them apart! That was unheard of—until now!Introducing Quick-Snap™, the revolutionary new way to