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Stand Up & Thread It!

Thread stands make everything better. Well, almost everything!

Thread, Thread and More Thread!

You can never have too much thread!

Thread: My Discoveries Part 1

As I start my journey learning  the embroidery world and I transition over from the “sewing mentality”, I have learned that I have a LOT to learn.  Embroidering designs is not as simple as stopping by my local corner chain

What Would YOU Do With Some Free Isacord Embroidery Thread? Free Embroidery Stuff Post

Update:  Congratulations to Judy (Comment #115) – she’ll be receiving 10 free spools of Isacord Embroidery Thread.  To everyone else – thanks for commenting, but don’t go far, we have LOADS of stuff to give away! A lot of different things go into

Just What You Have Been Waiting For, Isacord Has Released 12 New Multicolor Variegated Threads!

Finally, the brand which boasts the highest quality embroidery thread is now making multi-colored variegated thread.  The Isacord company has a long tradition of producing only the best quality embroidery thread in the world.  After years of waiting, they finally decided to release

The 42 New Isacord Embroidery Thread Colors Can Now Be Purchased Individually!!!

The moment our customers have been waiting for, the 42 new Isacord embroidery thread colors are now available for individual purchase!  Don’t worry, these colors can still be purchased as a collection, or, you can create your own collection using these

Got The Colors That Make Summer Fun? Here’s 16 Sure To Please Isacord Embroidery Thread Colors

Isacord Fun Summer Thread Collection 16 5000 Meter Spool Embroidery Thread Set If these colors fit your scheme, you will certainly enjoy these savings.  Sixteen 5000 meter spools of premium German Isacord thread will be sure to have you sewing

Discontinued Isacord Embroidery Thread Colors

For all those embroiderers that are die-hard Isacord Embroidery Thread fans, you may want to take note.  The 12 discontinued colors are still available, but stock levels are decreasing quickly.  If there is one (or several) of these colors that

NEW Isacord Embroidery Thread Charts Feature REAL Thread Samples Of The Top 125 Colors, Industry Matches

  OK, we have gotten the first shipment of Real Thread Thread Charts for Isacord Thread.  They feature 125 of the best selling colors of Isacord on the front side in all of their real thread goodness.  Turn the chart

Isacord Paper Thread Charts Are Back In Stock, Bargain Priced at 99 cents each

For those of you who have been patiently awaiting for the real Isacord thread charts to come back in, we have been able to aquire a supply of the full size paper thread charts to hopefully help tide you over.