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Thread, Thread and More Thread!

You can never have too much thread!

Thread: My Discoveries Part 1

As I start my journey learning  the embroidery world and I transition over from the “sewing mentality”, I have learned that I have a LOT to learn.  Embroidering designs is not as simple as stopping by my local corner chain

Isacord Thread Storage Trays – 2 Pack IS6954IT

As everyone with a hectic schedule. I will try anything to try to keep my sewing area clean and tidy.  I have been collecting thread and as my stash grows, so does my mess.  I wanted a way to try

Poly-X40 Embroidery Thread! You Pick Em’ We Ship Em’!

Good news for sewers and embroiderers! now offers the Poly-X40 1000m spools in a build your own pack.  That’s right, just go to the site, type in the magic words (Poly-X40 build it) and then pick the colors your