Giveaway Rules

There is no purchase necessary.  To enter into any of our giveaways, all you must do is comment in the applicable blog entry marked as a free embroidery post.  That’s it!  Only one entry per giveaway.  Employees of are not eligible (sorry, Andy!)  Comments are moderated to ensure that no spam comes through, but once you have commented one time, your comments will post immediately.  By commenting in the giveaway, you agree to receive the eNewsletter.  Contest is open to US residents only currently residing in one of the good ol’ 50 states.

How are winners chosen?  Winners are chosen completely randomly based on the number assigned to their comment.  When there are 100 comments left and we have 2 prize packages to give out, 2 random integers between 1 and 100 (in this hypothetical case) are randomly selected using  No user identifiable information is taken into consideration (i.e. email addresses, names, etc.) when a winner is chosen.  Odds of winning depend on the number of comments left.

Apparently there was a bit of confusion about comments and the numbers that you get assigned.  Let me see if I can shed some light on this.  The comments that you see are not always ALL of the comments at that given moment.  Since some of you have commented before, your comments will be approved automatically. There are almost always comments from new visitors that must be manually approved.  This is necessary to avoid all of the Blue Pill/Male-Enhancement/Smut that finds its way into the comments that you never see.  At the closing of the contest, the list of comments is locked.  If we did not do it this way, I am sure that the comments that would be displayed would be offensive to most people (believe me, you should see some of the stuff that we have to filer through), as these spammers know no boundaries. All winners are completely randomly chosen – all we do is feed in the range of numbers and spits out one integer.  I hope that this makes sense.  We try to be as fair as we possibly can, it is definitely not our intention to make anyone feel slighted. 

Just a quick reminder – to be eligible for the giveaways, you must comment in the appropriate post.


Winner List:
  Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine Giveaway
                    Subsription Contest won by Janet, Kandice and Doti!
                    Back Issue Contest won by Rachel, Nancy, Gail, Joy, Cassie,
                    Dolores, David, Jerry, Jackie, Connie & Linda.

12/10/09  Great Notions Everyday Essentials
                    Contest won by Laren F!

12/04/09  Creative Quilting Poinsettias by Amazing Designs
                    Contest won by Maggie P!

11/24/09 3900 Embroidery Design Giveaway
                   Contest won by Mary G!

11/24/09 Loralie Designs Lovely Ladies
                   Contest won by Donna

11/20/09 WunderStitch Scalloped Shears
                   Contest won by Eleanor

05/20/09 Fantastic Flora Collection from OESD
                   Contest won by Laurie, Comment #66
3/17/09  3 Pounds of Loralie Fabric Scraps
                Contest won by Jenna, Comment #42

9/2/08  Two In One Embroideries – Babies!
                Contest won by Lori, Comment #16

9/2/08  Designs In Machine Embroidery Subscription
                Contest won by Janet, Comment #2
                Contest won by Susan, Comment #31
                Contest won by Beverly, Comment #40
                Contest won by Robin, Comment #94
                Contest won by Vivian, Comment #102
                Contest won by Sharon, Comment #106

8/18/08  On The Mend by Loralie Designs
                Contest won by Eileen, Comment #105

8/13/08 10 Spools of Isacord Embroidery Thread
                Contest won by Judy, Comment #115

8/11/08 Flexible Ruler
                Contest won by Misty, Comment #42

8/7/08 Mighty Might Mascots by Dakota Collectibles
                Contest won by Susan Cameron, Comment #10

8/6/08 Antique Toy Sewing Machine Embroidery Collection
                Contest won by Janet Recla, Comment #15

8/1/08 3lbs of Loralie Fabric
                Contest won by Jennifer, Comment #84

7/30/08 Kitty Kitty Christmas by Loralie Designs
                Contest won by Diana, Comment #64

7/28/08 American Quilt Embroidery Designs by Dakota Collectibles
                Contest won by Judy, Comment #33