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In-The Hoop Eye Masks by Amazing Designs ADC-172

            For the hard working lady in your life, these designs for in the hoop eye masks, will help her get the sleep that she is craving.  Eye masks are not just for the diva

Cupcake Boutique by Amazing Designs ADC-203

              Who can get enough of the sweet stuff?  I know that my friends and family can’t because I am constantly being asked to make more cupcakes in my house.   They just love

Sweet Treats Embroidery Designs by Amazing Designs ADC-69

                    Sweet treats are huge right now.  If you turn on the Cooking channel or the Food Network, you are guaranteed to come across some type of cupcake challenge or wedding

Cute Cars and Trucks Embroidery Designs by Nancy Zieman for Amazing Designs ADP-87

                Nancy Zieman and Amazing Designs has done it  again.  This design disk is simply amazing and it was very hard to choose just one image to showcase for you.  My 2 year

Day at the Zoo Embroidery Designs by Dakota Collectibles 970461

These designs are just adorable and if you have any kids or just kids at heart around...

Bonjour From France from Dakota Collectibles 970463

Whether I want to admit it or not, I am a girly, girl at heart and I love ANYTHING that even resembles shabby chic.  This design disk was right up my ally because it was designed to be pink, pink

Sewin’ Big Word Inspiration by Dakota Collectibles 970466

        I am a girl that LOVES words and these designs bring my two loves, embroidery and words together.  This brand new collection by Dakota Collectibles contains 15 large 5×7 contemporary designs and sayings.  My favorite of

Playful Pigs by Dakota Collectibles 970452

          These adorable  little piggies promise not to cry or run away. They are much too cute to do that.  In fact, they are just adorable.  The Playful Pigs by Dakota Collectibles(970452) collection contains 20 4×4 pink

Domestic Goddess by Amazing Designs ADC-81J

I have been having so much fun with this disk!  I have been putting these images on everything from kitchen hand towels to aprons and my friends are loving them as much as I am.  I think we all have

Peace Signs by Dakota Collectibles 970453

I have to admit that normally I am not a fan of peace signs.  Yes,I was born in 1970 and probably should be but there is something so predicable about them that just doesn’t tickle my fancy.  These peace signs