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With Our Chevron Diaper Covers, You Can Say Goodbye To Boring Rears!

Covering their rear was never so much fun (or colorful!)

Football Mania for Toddlers

Outfit your loved ones with some personalized love!

Cupcake Boutique by Amazing Designs ADC-203

              Who can get enough of the sweet stuff?  I know that my friends and family can’t because I am constantly being asked to make more cupcakes in my house.   They just love

Sweet Treats Embroidery Designs by Amazing Designs ADC-69

                    Sweet treats are huge right now.  If you turn on the Cooking channel or the Food Network, you are guaranteed to come across some type of cupcake challenge or wedding

Say Goodbye To Boring Storage & Hello To Makeup Bags That Look As Good As You!

In our quest to finding the coolest stuff for our customers to embroider, we have found some pretty off-the-wall items (do people even use toilet seat covers any more?) [more...]

Personalize Your Headbands At Sewforless.com!

Spring is on the way and stocking caps are going to be replaced by headbands. Separate yourself from the crowd and be the first to personalize your own! [more...]

The Cabin Cuddler; Quite Possibly The World’s Perfect Blanket

If your’re a lounger (who’s with me – you know who you are!  Couches are really made for 1 person, right?)  then this is seriously the blanket for you.  It was literally designed to be wrapped around you with your