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Kiwi Embroidery Paper, Personalize Your World!

Check out these brand new styles of Kiwi Embroidery Paper!  With over 300 sheets to choose from your options are virtually endless!  Product Information: Kiwi Embroidery Paper List Price: $2.99 Sewforless.com Price: $1.85/ea   Check Out Our Awesome Selection and

Kiwi Embroidery Paper, The Designs Just Keep Getting Cooler!

From Seahorses to Sailboats, from Dinos to Kitty’s the Kiwi Embroidery Paper options are expanding.  Check out the newest options at Sewforless.com. Product Information: Kiwi Embroidery Papaer List Price: $2.99 Sewforless.com Price: $1.85 Click Here For Additional Product Information Or

Kiwi Embroidery Paper! Think Outside The Hoop!

Okay ladies!  The time has come to change the rules of embroidery.  Now I am sure that some of you have embroidered on paper before, but never before has there been paper which is specifically designed for embroidery.   This new,

Check Out This Great Example Of Kiwi Paper & Acrylic Embroidery Blanks

We love showcasing our customers’ work and here are 2 perfect examples!  These were sent in from Megan and Karen from CelebratedDesigns.com (thanks girls!).  The first project was a combination of the White with Black Zebra Print Kiwi Paper and

How Kiwi Embroidery Paper Can Change Your Embroidery Business – It’s Paper, That You Embroider On (duh!)

What?  That was what I said when I first heard about this so-called embroidery paper.  Who wants to embroider on paper?  How silly is that?  I have to admit – I was a tough sell, though I tried to keep an