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KEEP IT NEAT: Keep Your Bobbins Clean, Comfy & Organized.

One of the issues that Sewing Room Owners are sure to wrestle with is organization, or lack there of.  With so many items that you purchase being smaller than a “Vote For (Insert favored political candidate here)” button, if you

Wind Your Bobbins In The Bathroom With The Sidewinder Bobbin Winder

For those not yet familiar with the SideWinder Portable Bobbin Winder, it’s time to become acquainted.  This latest craze has taken the sewing industry by storm (who knew that so many people wanted to wind bobbins away from their machine?)

Meet SideWinder – The Portable Bobbin Winder

With the touch of a button, SideWinder™, The Portable Bobbin Winder™ quickly and easily fills bobbins without having to un-thread and re-thread the sewing machine. The SideWinder’s™ compact size means it fits anywhere, and since it runs on batteries or